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A modern kitchen interior includes quite often a bar counter (breakfast bar) or so-called “island” – it is a stylish and comfortable solution. However, creating such an interior may involve certain challenges.
Plywood chairs are a popular choice for different interiors since they combine all the features we look for in modern furniture design – durability, ergonomics, a restrained sophistication, and functionality.
Plywood chairs is the core product of and was the first one when we entered the market. Our range contains more than 50 chair design variations. Though plywood chairs are so functional and universal by definition so the great number of models can match any space, there are some factors which will help to choose the most suitable chairs for every specific room and user.
Customers do appreciate Scandinavian design furniture manufactured by for its lightness, clear lines, and natural tones. Our chairs, tables, and module furniture boast high quality, simple and at the same time modern design, which ensures maximum comfort with minimal resources.
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