Children Tables

Children's tables that come fitted with our children`s chairs, are designed to satisfy all children's creative and comfort needs.
These tables are comfortable, stable, they have pleasant surface and offer maximum security, because they have only curved and rounded shapes.


Children, like adults, use a table for the big variety of different needs. Also, children's tables have a universal surface that allows the child to manifest themselves in every situation.

By choosing the right design and material of the table, you can create an environment for your baby in which he or she can enjoy, eat, play, draw, build, build Lego stuff and do many other exciting things. If you offer to your child thoughtful and comfortable environment, in which the child is happy to stay, he or she does not go to other areas that may not be suitable and safe for him or her.

We know that every child under the surface is an artist. But parents do not want this talent to be displayed on walls, floors, or other inappropriate surfaces. Therefore, we produce children's tables, which are suitable for the creative expressions of small artists. The tables have a special top layer for crayon drawing. And it's really easy to clean, like to clean a board. This means that the child can reveal his talent at such a table without fear of getting a critical reminder of a damaged surface.
The child's pleasure to work and discover the world is the most important thing! That's why the environment needs to be adapted to children`s needs. Children's tables are the part of such environment.

Children's tables available in the store are made of glued plywood, made in single-piece and flowing shapes, with rounded corners and maximum stability. The table could easily be placed anywhere, because moving of the table will not require great efforts.

The child will also enjoy working on a wood surface that is pleasant to the touch. Wood surface also is warm and cozy. Children's tables look stylish and will fit into any brattery, living room, study room. Any institution that wants to offer children`s corner with activities to help parents cope with a child, will appreciate our children`s tables.
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