High quality chairs are an irreplaceable element in every room of any possible purpose of use.


The quality of chairs is even more important in premises where chairs are used intensely, like public establishments, waiting areas, offices.
Still, at home it is not unimportant neither to have a pleasure to seat on comfortable, ergonomic, and stylish chairs.
These are exactly the chairs we offer at – our products satisfy needs and preferences of every client.
We produce our chairs from curved glued plywood by using modern manufacturing technology. Thus, we obtain various harmonious forms and object integrity, which ensures accordingly a higher durability and easy care. The chairs are designed in Scandinavian style characterized by minimalism, natural materials, and functionality, thus creating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in the room. For this reason, our chairs will perfectly fit into every environment, interior of any style, and other furniture.
Our chairs collections match perfectly all the tables, module furniture, and interior items produced as well by
 The variety of our chair designs is very wide. There are chairs available with or without backrest, with wooden or metal legs, of classical or modern design. Even though every model is special, every one of them is durable, high-quality, stylish, and very comfortable. When ordering a selected chair model, the client may also choose special finishing details – optional seat upholstery, finishing style and color of the surface veneer. You may also opt for the best material of the chair legs accordingly to flooring by choosing wood or metal. In case of need the chair legs can be fit up by felt glides in order to avoid scratching and annoying sounds.
Since our chairs are made of plywood, they are not only comfortable and modern, but also lightweight and easily repositioned when necessary. A special design of many models allow to stack chairs on top of each other. This option is highly appreciated by clients who need more chairs for conferences and other bigger events when a large number of sitting places is necessary. not only produces chairs for sale, but also offers chair rental in case clients need to organize a festive or business event occasionally.
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