Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs - elegant, durable and comfortable - this is a product that describes our philosophy and vision for the environment in which we live. 
Wood is warm, gentle and cozy. It is alive. This is in line with the Scandinavian design values which is our guiding principle in furniture production. 

The wooden chairs we manufacture combine many of the qualities that are important to a modern individual who spends a lot of time indoors, in offices, meeting rooms, negotiations and conferences.

Development and technologies have moved the person from working outside in the fresh air to working indoors in front of the screen and a pile of documents. However, the desire for the connection with the natural world and the harmony and the pleasant feelings offered by natural materials does not disappear. Wooden chairs and other wooden furniture is one of the ways each of us can bring indoors this connection with the nature and the sensations and values it offers.
Our wooden chairs are made with the greatest care and thinking about the comfort of the person sitting on them. Sophisticated shapes and design ranging from classic to bold and combined with comfort, ergonomics and highest quality in every detail. Wood and metal details are an elegant pairing, the lines are flowing and deliberate - our models reflect the modern lifestyle and living space where one can find harmony and return to proven values. And the wood is one of them.

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