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Dizainakresli.lv continues what was started in 2000 by the BFDF and Chair Baltic, offering ergonomic design chairs, bar stools, as well as wooden tables, stylish home accessories and children’s furniture made in Latvia from glued curved plywood. Our products are designed by such world renown designers as Jakob Berg (Denmark), Jakob Wagner (Denmark),O4I Design studio (Sweden), Komplot Design (Denmark), Eric Pfeiffer (USA), Pancho Nikander (Finland), Sven Ivar Dysthe (Norway) and others.

Thanks to the high quality ensured by the curved plywood manufacturing technologies, our furniture lines are suited for the home, as well as public spaces. The extensive product range an the selection of finishes means that our products will fit different styles and moods.

Since 2014 we offer chair, bar stool and table rental services for events and conferences.

Materials and manufacturing technology Curved glued plywood The furniture parts are produced by gluing several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press forms, before that the plies are glue-rolled and placed on each other so that the fibers would be either perpendicular or longitudinal, based on the needs of the specific product and its design. The internal plies are birch plywood of different thicknesses - from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm. 
The plies can be combined and grown in a way that allows the finished curved plywood to transition from thicker to thinner by gradually reducing or increasing the number of plies.
The available surface veneers include birch, oak, laminate, walnut, wenge, zebrawood and other woods. The chairs or furniture details can be finished in a variety of ways - we can use varnish, bleached varnish, cherry, wenge or black stain or tinted varnish in any of the NCS shades.

Made in Latvia As a local company we can provide lower shipping costs and shorter delivery time. You can view all of our ready production at our showroom and receive advice on customization options.

Elegance Each Dizainakresli.lv product is distinguished by its sophisticated forms, developed thanks to the curved glued plywood technology. The curved shapes bring lightness to any space.

Quality Despite the thin layers, plywood is naturally strong, durable and light, which is useful for the transportation of the products.

Comfort Curved glued plywood chairs are ergonomic in shape for more comfortable sitting, handling and storage.
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