A contemporary sideboard is no longer considered a boring or outdated piece of furniture that we can only imagine placed in the bedroom or nursery.

With contemporary design and materials the sideboard is moved beyond these traditional spaces becoming a suitable piece for every environment. This is also our approach, as furniture range includes an innovative and lively sideboards in three finishes.
Out sideboards are manufactured from curved plywood and laminated particle board combined with metal elements, achieving a surprising shape, curves and surface pattern. All of this results in a surprisingly elegant and eye-catching design element. The customer may select and order a customized finish for the sideboard and its material - oak, walnut or beech.


One of the main reasons why people love sideboards is their spaciousness, robustness and functionality, as they can be positioned as required. Similarly, not only the shelves can be used, but also the top surface of the sideboard which becomes an extra surface for interior decoration elements or practical items. The capacity of shelves is sufficient for easily placing document folders and books as well as other larger and smaller items. This is great solution for both office, living room or other space. The combination of wood and metal makes it suitable for variety of interiors. sideboard has a clever shape  simplifying the cleaning of the space. This is ensured by stable metal legs which lift the furniture above the floor allowing for easy access underneath. You may order vertical or horizontal design. We also offer different capacity - the customer may choose between 8 or 4 shelves, which can be a great solution for smaller spaces.
Innovative design combined with classic and natural materials, modern and high-quality technical execution - this is furniture. The spirit of Scandinavian design, innovation, ease and sophistication. These are the characteristics of every piece of our furniture. The design is developed in cooperation with the leading contemporary designs. Out sideboard is created by one of the most innovative companies in Denmark - Dan-Form. 

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