Bar Stools in Kitchen – How to Choose the Right Height

A modern kitchen interior includes quite often a bar counter (breakfast bar) or so-called “island” – it is a stylish and comfortable solution. However, creating such an interior may involve certain challenges.
One of those challenges may become the choice of bar stools which can be much more complicated than choosing chairs for a standard kitchen table.

When choosing bar stools, the first thing to think about is not only appropriate design and functionality, bus also height of bar stool. This is one of the most important factors defining the comfort of the bar stool which will determine how enjoyable sitting on it will be, how long time will be spent on it, if children or guests would like to choose this sitting place.

1. The height of the bar stool must correlate with the height of the bar counter or table – this is a rule to follow absolutely

The common ergonomic standards say that the distance from the bar counter to the seat of the bar stool must be at least 25 cm. The distance from the seat to foothold must be at least 45 cm.
Height of the counter (surface) Recommended bar stool height from the floor to the seat
90 cm approx. 65 cm
105–110 cm 73–81cm
112–120 cm 83–91 cm

Before choosing bar stools it is important to measure exactly the distance from the floor to the counter surface. Then, it will be very easy to calculate an optimal bar stool height to enjoy sitting on it and to choose one which will comply with ergonomic principles.


2. How many bar stools do you need?

This is also an important question to everyone who has decided to put a bar counter or a table with a heighten surface in the kitchen.
In this case less is more. The main factor is comfort.
The persons sitting next to each other must feel comfortably, freely enough not to elbow persons sitting next to you. If you want to enjoy the meal at the bar counter, enough space is crucial.
In order to ensure enough comfort, the distance between the middle line of two bar stools must be at least 66-76 cm. Like this, it is quite easy to calculate the number of stools to place at the bar counter.
You may always buy some extra chairs and use them when holding a party with snacks and drinks. If it is not a full-course dinner, you can certainly put stools closer one to another.


3. Inappropriate bar stool height may create many inconveniences

The importance of a proper bar stool height is about creating an every-day comfort and should not be left aside as an insignificant factor.

  • If bar stool is too high or too low, then sitting on it will be certainly uncomfortable, moreover, improper body position risks to provoke back pains.
  • The position of legs will be uncomfortable neither, making you turn around and search for a right position, thus creating inconvenience and diverting your attention from delicious food and interesting conversation.
  • An inappropriate bar stool height will certainly shorten the time you will spend at the bar counter or table. It will create inconveniences both for guests and family.
  • A harmonious interior design can be also easily destroyed by an improper bar stool height. Usually disproportions are quite visible and become not only an inconvenience for users, but also an evident fault in the whole room image.

4. Do not forget about quality when thinking about bar stool height

When seeking for an appropriate bar stool height for the kitchen, you should keep in mind the quality factor. Even a nice bar stool of a suitable height will not be in use for a long time if the manufacturer has not paid enough attention to the quality.
The construction of the bar stool must be thoroughly designed, the raw materials should comply to high quality standards in order the bar stool can perform its function and provide a comfortable and stable seat on a daily basis.
The bar stools located in the kitchen are used quite intensely, that is why their durability is crucial. This is one more factor you should think about when looking for a bar stool of an appropriate height and style.

The furniture range offered by includes various bar stools. We provide bar stool models in different heights in order customers can match the chosen bar stool design to their interior and practical needs defined by the height of a bar counter or table.
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