A quality table will help you create a functional interior in any room. Kitchen, living room, bar, office, meeting room - a table must fit the size and the design of each specific room. offers a wide range of tables in different shapes and sizes, set apart from others by their superior quality and clever, ergonomic design.

Our table lines are designed with a Scandinavian style in mind, characterized by minimalism, natural materials and practicality that bring pleasant and cozy atmosphere into the home.
  • Our tables are made from curved glued plywood which allows us to produce natural wooden tables. The veneer can be birch, oak, walnut or other type of wood. The modern production methods offer different types of finish - varnish, bleached varnish, stain or tinted varnish. The tables can have wooden or metal legs.    
  • The shape and size of the table are the dimensions that offer the broadest variation in the production process, so we have created a variety of models which will be a perfect fit for the space and the interior selected by the client. Smaller and larger tables, round, oval, rectangular - it is just a matter of taste and needs.   
  • Since the table is a type of furniture that must endure intensive and varied loads and provide extensive functional application, its quality is considered to be the most important feature during the manufacturing process and we guarantee that you will have no problems to safely move, load and use your table for many years.

The modern pace of life is rapid, the daily lives of people depend on their ability to plan, multitask and quickly switch from one environment and topic to another. This is reflected in both the living and working space interiors. And a table plays a very important role.

The one and the same table can be used for morning meeting or for breakfast, during the day it can become an office to hold your laptop, documents and a coffee mug. Later in the evening it can bring the family together for dinner and board games. This affects the requirements people have for the material and the design of the table, as it must be able to adapt and function according to the circumstances and must be easy to clean.

Therefore, we offer several lines of tables each with its own special features and mood, so you could always find what you are looking for.
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