High chair

A high chair is indispensable in any place where one can find families with small children. 
Not only at home, but also in public catering places a standard furniture set will also include a high chair, as providing easy access to families with children shows a respectful attitude towards the littlest members of the society. 

When it comes to furniture designed for children, the top priorities are safety, natural materials and comfort. Our high chair Svan meets all these criteria to become an indispensable assistant in the daily life with a child.  


The children’s furniture segment is a special challenge for the designers, as they must achieve high functionality in a small and simple object, allowing a single chair to be used in different positions, situations and at different ages of the child. 

A high quality, light and functional high chair makes it easier for the parents to look after their child, ensures a proper position during mealtime and also safety, which will always be the most important criteria in the mind of the parents. Dizainakresli.lv offers a feeding chair with safety belts for the smallest ones and it comes with adjustable height, depth, footrest and the tray elements to fit the size and the needs of every child.
Of course, the parents will also appreciate that the feeding chair is made of wood, looks sophisticated and is easy to maintain, as the joy of discovering the world of food rarely remains in the borders of the plate or tray.

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