Shelves are needed in any room that requires functionality and dynamic living. They allow you not only to place your possessions but also organize and tastefully fill the space.

They have more than just a practical function. In contemporary furniture design it is a sophisticated element, far from being boring or a standard solution. works with progressive designers who have created several unique models of shelves. These are innovative solutions both in terms of shape and technical aspects. They add to the space, attracts the gaze and may even become the main focus of the space. Simple but at the same time modern design lets the shelves to fit in a variety of spaces - offices, living and public spaces.
We work with natural materials and are inspired by the Scandinavian design concepts of ease, coziness, minimalism and naturalness. Therefore, we love working with wood. The shelves are made from glued plywood elements. The natural is highlighted not only by the material but also the very design concept, as the designer has been greatly influenced by the shapes, processes and geometry found in nature. This has allowed to achieve a truly unique result which will certainly turn heads.
The shelves are very durable, so they can be used for storing any item and even the heaviest of books. There will also be no problems with maintaining the surfaces. There are three models of shelves available, each with a unique character and functionality. Hey models are portable, while the Comb shelving system is mounted to the wall, but Dune can be used both as a partition or placed by the wall. The customer may customize the type and shade of the finish.
The shelves are a handy solution because they can be placed as required, are easy to organize, allow storing not only practical items but also interior objects that serve as an accent to the room. High-quality, spacious and durable shelves are appreciated in every room and environment. Combining good design thinking and contemporary technology, we have been able to create truly great models that are desired by everyone for both home and office application.

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