Magazine Table magazine tables will be a good fit in any environment, as they can match the existing space and fulfill the practical requirements of the client. They stand out with their universal, yet current design and high quality which guarantees that this piece of furniture will serve you for a long time and for a variety of functions.


Although magazine tables are primarily intended for placing magazines, newspapers and books in a handy manner, for example, by the bed, the couch, in the lounge or waiting area, our magazine tables are more than just a surface - it is a modern home accessory set apart by its style, simplicity and multi-functionality. 

In one moment the magazine table can be turned into an extra seat or a coffee table, if there ever is such a need. You can place cushions around it and create a very different space for celebration or a game night. You can place a vase with flowers or even a TV on it. Everything depends on the necessity and a creative approach to the situation. 

The furniture is manufactured from curved glued plywood which allows for multi-functional forms and seamless design. It combines classic wood and metal elements. The resulting magazine tables are easy to handle and easy to adjust to the room and other furniture, as the client can select the surface finish and color based on individual requirements. 

All our furniture is characterized by Scandinavian mood, emphasizing simplicity, coziness, natural materials, quality and practicality the furniture can bring in any space.
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