Kitchen chairs

We offer a wide selection of kitchen chairs - everyone will find something to their taste.
A comfortable and spacious dining area is a very important part of any kitchen, as it allows for leisurely meals with loved ones both every day and at festive moments.

To achieve a harmonious space, it is important to match the chairs for kitchen with the table. This will be easy to do, as our kitchen chairs are created in Scandinavian style, which we follow in the development of all furniture collections we offer.

Our kitchen chairs stand out with their sophisticated and ergonomic design, natural materials and practicality. This means that they will fit in any kitchen and will satisfy even the highest standards of comfort and coziness.  
The material we use in our manufacturing process is curved glued plywood which is made by gluing together several layers of veneer. Depending on the particular product and the design, the plywood can be layered placing the fiber in longitudinal or perpendicular direction and the plywood layers can be placed and grown so as the final glued plywood would transition from thicker to thinner material. This offers a wide range of design possibilities in creating sophisticated kitchen chair collections. 

The available chair surface veneers include birch, oak, laminate, walnut, wenge, zebrawood and other woods. The finish can be a simple coat of varnish, bleached varnish, cherry, wenge or black tint or tinted varnish in any of the NCS colors. The extensive selection guarantees that you will find the chairs for kitchen for any need and any interior.

It is important that the furniture in the kitchen area is not only well-designed and satisfy the client’s needs, but is also durable and easy to clean. The surfaces of our kitchen chairs are suitable for easy daily cleaning without damaging the finishing coat, which allows the furniture to reliably serve for a very long time. 

We keep an eye on the needs and the comfort of every family member, for this reason we also offer multi-functional, adjustable high chairs for a comfortable seat at the table for the little ones. It is a great opportunity to find a children’s high chair in the same design as the other kitchen chairs, without disturbing the harmony and maintaining the chosen visual concept. As all our chairs for kitchens are ergonomic and made from natural materials, this will be a comfortable solution loved by children and by parents.
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