Bar tables

Durable and easy-to-maintain bar tables are already half of a successful interior in spaces that conceptually require this type of furniture.


Most often these are selected for bars, cafes, in various public spaces or small rooms where other furniture cannot provide the desired functionality. However, bar tables are popular and can be a good fit in a home kitchen, office or other spaces that require a compact and easy-to-use table. standing tables are durable, sophisticated, easy to maintain and a great match for any interior. The table is supported by a robust metal leg, which guarantees stability and security in any situation. The tabletop is wood - glued plywood - just like all other furniture we have created. This accent has been brought to attention by the slanted edges of the table, revealing the pattern of the plywood layers that are especially noticeable with light finishing.
Each bar table we manufacture can become exactly what out client needs, as we offer not only standard solutions, but also custom shapes and heights. You can also choose the type and color of the finish, so that your bar table would be a perfect fit.
Simplicity and elegance are the core features of our furniture. A bar table is not just about entertainment, it is about coming together, a conversation and important moments, where the table becomes a witness and a support. And it should, on the one hand, be unnoticeable, while at the same time also exceptional, as the most important thing is what is happening around it. Business negotiations, a date, a romantic moment, a social conversation at an important event. The bar table will fit in every one of these situations.
In today’s rapid and demanding era such features as high quality and functionality have great importance. This applies in particular to the environment and the interior where properly selected furniture plays a key role. Out standing tables will be a great addition or a special highlight of every space and situation.

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