Dining tables

Dining tables have been highly appreciated in all times and cultures, as they symbolize family, peaceful home life and good time.
Food is one of the expressions of love people share by having a meal together. In modern times, sitting down at the table with your loved ones and enjoying a leisurely meal might seem like a luxury and not everyone can find a time and place for it in their homes.


Yet, it doesn’t require much to make a change - a desire to be together and a beautiful dining table where everyone can have a place.

Let Dizainakresli.lv take care of a modern, high-quality and beautiful dining tables. You just have to choose a model that fits your needs and lifestyle. We manufacture plywood dining tables with designs that meet the modern standards of comfort, quality and ergonomics. 

Our dining tables will bring coziness, light and ease in every room thanks to the charm of natural wood and the sophisticated shape which can be easily combined with any of our chairs. 
We offer round, oval, square and rectangular dining tables and customized surface veneer and finish.

 The tables are designed to be easily portable, functional, stable, durable and easy to maintain. This will be a piece of furniture that will serve you for a long time and bring your family together for holiday morning breakfasts, festive lunches and family dinners after a long day.
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