Scandinavian Design Tables: Solutions for Modern Interior

Customers do appreciate Scandinavian design furniture manufactured by for its lightness, clear lines, and natural tones. Our chairs, tables, and module furniture boast high quality, simple and at the same time modern design, which ensures maximum comfort with minimal resources.
Scandinavian design tables are one of that kind of furniture manufactured in line with the best traditions by combining natural materials, functionality, ability to match any space. Our Scandinavian design tables are unique and can become the right piece of furniture you need.  
For illustrative purposes and inspiration, we offer several simple solutions of matching Scandinavian design tables manufactured by with a modern interior. They provide exactly the features you need at the present moment.
It goes without saying that our range of tables is much wider. Take a look at our website:

1. Small Dining Area in Kitchen

A wooden table of laconic design will match any kitchen. We would even say that such kind of table is a must, since kitchen is the room where we do spend much time not related to food only. Kitchen is a place to spent time with kids, allowing them to acquire various useful skills, a cozy space to have a cup of coffee with friends.
Kitchen table is not for eating only, this is a place which can be easily turned into a small home office, where you can work on your laptop if needed, or where children can do their homework while mum is cooking.  
Our range of kitchen tables includes various Scandinavian design models – round, oval, rectangular. Kitchen area and layout will help you to choose the best form and size. A special manufacturing technology ensures durability and stability of tables. The surface is easy-to-care, what is substantial for kitchen.
Take a look at the range of our kitchen tables which will match any modern kitchen interior:

2. Dining Table for Bigger Families or Dinner Parties

If the layout and surface of your dwelling allows, you will certainly not regret choosing a large dining table. The dining table will allow you to gather a large family or guests at festive occasions.
Scandinavian design stands with simplicity and quite minimalist approach to space arrangement. Consequently, a large wooden table can become the central object in the room, allowing not to stuff the rest of the space with furniture or design elements.
Fresh flowers or a design object can decorate the dining table daily, but at special occasion this area will sparkle with joy. Everybody will enjoy a table beautifully set, delicious food served and conversations with special people.
Because we stand for celebrations and being together!
Scandinavian design dining tables.

3. Scandinavian Design Tables for Resting Area

The variety of Scandinavian style tables is not only limited by traditional kinds of tables. The design keeps up with the times and reflects needs of modern people. One of those needs certainly is a proper rest, a possibility to hide from noises and too saturated environment. Scandinavian design provides this simplicity and helps to arrange a space to give a rest to your mind.
In cooperation with a USA-based designer we have created a multifunctional line of magazine tables, bedside tables, and coffee tables. Their essential shape is very simple, but particular design solutions make the tables light and durable.
This is not just a piece of furniture but a design element intended both to decorate the room and to provide practical utility depending on its location. Placed by a sofa it can serve as coffee or magazine table, it can also become a table for laptop if you wish to work in a more comfortable and relaxing environment – in an armchair, on a sofa or even in bed.
One of these multifunctional and easily movable tables will help you to create a resting area corresponding to your lifestyle and wishes.

4. Children’s Corner

When thinking about Scandinavian design highlights, it is impossible to avoid such notions like family, comfort, harmony. And children are right there. Their comfort and needs are essential. Therefore, Scandinavian design tables will also suit the little ones in order to arrange both a children’s room or a children’s corner in a public area.
Quality, functionality, durability, easy-to-care surface are the main features of our tables for children. The piece of furniture is lightweight and can be easily placed where needed. Children can devote themselves to a fascinating activity only in a comfortable and appropriate environment.
A classic square table with rounded corners is a good solution to create a secure and appropriate environment for children.
A unique table with round surface covered with a special blackboard layer for drawing with chalk – this solution extends considerably the ways the table can be used: children will certainly be happy to have the possibility not only to eat or to play at the table, but also to draw right on it!

5. Office Area for Important Meetings and Negotiations

A great part of people spend their working days in offices, so comfort of the working environment and interior solutions deserve the utmost attention. Scandinavian design tables are perfect for meeting and conference rooms where there is no place for nothing excessive, but functionality and rational use of space are top priorities.
A durable wooden table of enjoyable design where you can hold even the lengthiest meetings and build the most audacious and ambitious business plans – we have one! You just need to choose appropriate size and type of surface finishing:
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