Conference chairs

We offer conference chairs which will provide sufficient and comfortable seating for any event. 

Our conference chairs boast clever design and quality materials and they will be comfortable for sitting for hours on end, as it is sometimes required during conferences and other events. For the visitors and participants to concentrate fully on the contents of the event, comfort provided by their surroundings is very important. Therefore the conference chairs and their quality are very important. produces many models of chairs that you can choose from and order the desired number. It is also possible to customize the finishing details to get the desired final result.
Several chair models can be easily stacked for simple storage and to be used only as necessary. Stacked conference chairs are also easier to transport. The  base material of the chairs is curved glued plywood, which ensures that the chairs are not heavy but at the same time are stable and durable. This is essential for high-load applications. chair models are available with wooden and metal legs and different types of backrests. Chair designs range from classic to bold, in line with the best traditions of Scandinavian style combining comfort, natural materials, elegance and simplicity in the best sense.

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