Bedside tables

Bedside tables are another one of’s small but universal pieces of furniture that perfectly adapts to the space and the needs of the user.
They have sound, ergonomic yet simple design as simplicity is often the key to the most extensive functionality. This is particularly true for furniture. Our bedside tables are design elements that can be used in any home, office or any other environment.

A small table next to the bed, sofa or armchair, or any other place is a daily necessity, as it allows to keep the important things at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a cup of tea and a book or a smartphone and a vase with flowers. People have different lifestyles and interests but some things are universally important - it is comfortable environment where one can feel free and organize the world as they please. Handy and easy-to-transform bedside tables will be a great fit even in a very minimalistic interior. works hard to bring only the best products to its customers - clever designs that not only look good but serve well for a long time and in a variety of ways. The bedside tables are available in several designs, each with its own charm and character.
This is a great solution for small spaces or if you desire to save as much free space as possible. Nothing superfluous, only what is necessary. If you don’t need a large table, why should you get one just because that is the common way of doing things? The environment should serve its inhabitants. So should the furniture.
Curved glued plywood and special manufacturing technology creates harmonious and fluid shapes exuding contemporary design and Scandinavian restraint and minimalism, without losing the sense of coziness.
Easy to care, durable, high-quality - these are the features of every bedside table we make. You will be surprised at the wide range of applicability. Just as you can sleep not only in a large, soft bed, a bedside table can serve you anywhere you may need it. You may even place it next to the hammock in the garden to enjoy the summer sunshine and a delicious cocktail served on your bedside table.
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