Bar stools

We offer a wide range of bar stools, providing the necessary solutions for kitchens, cafes and other types of rooms. 

We offer stools with wooden or metal legs, models with or without backrests and stool models that can be easily stacked. It is also possible to customize the height of the stool to match the counter or the table, according to the client’s requirements.


All bar stools we offer are made in Latvia from natural materials - curved glued plywood, which allows creating lighter products both in terms of their visual appearance and actual weight, and it is also in tune with the Scandinavian design concepts of minimalism, application of natural materials and practicality. 
  • The properties of the material and the manufacturing technology allows to create the ergonomic curves of the bar stools, which makes the sitting particularly comfortable. You can order upholstery in different fabrics and colors, which is particularly useful if the bar stools are intended for longer sitting.   
  • For a better and longer service life of the bar stools and to prevent damage of the existing flooring, you may select leg tips - plastic tips for carpets or felt tips for wooden floors. Suitable leg tips will make it easier to move the chairs, prevent damage to the flooring and help to avoid the unpleasant sound formed by the contact between the materials and surfaces.   
  • All bar stools have four legs for outstanding stability and durability, which is especially important in public and leisure areas with an intense traffic. 
Our varied, light and sophisticated design solutions allow using the chairs from any collection both in living spaces and in public areas, as the individual elements, shapes and finishes can be customized to fit the needs of any client, interior, style and the height of the table or bar counter. 

As bar stools are an original element that always attracts the eye, we have taken special care so that our models would not only be comfortable, light and ergonomic, but also pleasing to the eye in terms of shape and surface finishing. Tasteful bar seating can be the key accent in the room, bringing together the intended mood and the interior solutions. collections are created by world renowned designers from Norway and Denmark bringing together the embodiment of the true Scandinavian asceticism, ease and functionality.

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