Plywood Kitchen Chairs: Overview of the Best Models

Plywood chairs are a popular choice for different interiors since they combine all the features we look for in modern furniture design – durability, ergonomics, a restrained sophistication, and functionality.
Plywood chairs is the core product of and was the first one when we entered the market. Our range contains more than 50 chair design variations. Though plywood chairs are so functional and universal by definition so the great number of models can match any space, there are some factors which will help to choose the most suitable chairs for every specific room and user.
A chair is such an important interior element that its choice cannot be accidental.
Kitchen is a room where chairs are a functional must-have. It is even more important to choose the right chair model for this space in order to create an overall design and to ensure everyday comfort at the highest level.
We offer to your attention several plywood chair models. In our opinion, their design and features are the most appropriate for kitchen.

1. Classic and Integral Wooden Chairs With Backrest

The surface of kitchen furniture must be durable and easy-to-care. This is valid for chairs too.
Integral plywood chairs are manufactured from a glued bent plywood without screws or metal joints. This is a proper solution for kitchen since these models are especially durable, lightweight and easy-to-care.
At the same time those chair models remain modern over the time, fitting successfully any interior style. Chairs boast laconic design, clear lines, are made of wood which is always up to date.
Plywood chairs will become a long-term investment into functional and high-quality kitchen furniture.

2. Plywood Chairs with an Accentuated Backrest

Our wide range of plywood chairs includes a number of models combining features of a classic wooden chair with an up-to-date or even eye-catching design. The backrests of these models are deliberately emphasized by unusual forms and curves, at the same time maintaining ergonomic features.
Why would these chairs fit into your kitchen? Because a chair with an emphasized backrest can successfully become an accent, especially if kitchen design is deliberately simple. Therefore, chairs can help to solve the issue of interior accents.
Chair backrest design should match the existing geometry of kitchen containing horizontal, vertical lines, curved or round elements.
At the same time, these chair models boast the scope of features of classic plywood chairs - they are durable, lightweight, and easy-to-care.

3. Plywood Stools

Stools are one more classical piece of furniture if we speak about kitchen. Plywood stools are space-saving, what is essential for small-sizes kitchens. Stools can be put under the table or stacked aside. Plywood ensures durability. In this case everything of genius is simple: these stools will match any interior and any table design.
By a specific design solution, we have added a bit of singularity to a traditional plywood stool. Screws and joints are not visible, and the surface has got a remarkably ergonomic shape.
We also offer various colour combinations for the stool surface finishing, thus turning a classic piece into a bright accent in your kitchen.

4. Bar Stool With or Without Backrest

Contemporary kitchen design often includes a bar counter or so-called “island” located in the central part of the kitchen. Bar stools of an outstanding design both with or without backrest are the most suitable solution for such kind of surfaces becoming an additional interior accent. Bar stools made of bent glued plywood are extremely durable, but also lightweight and space-saving.
Both resting and working areas can be equipped with bar stools, since they are equally comfortable when having breakfast or cooking, as well as enjoying a drink among friends.
If the kitchen doesn’t have a traditional kitchen table, a counter-styled surface may become a space-saving and functional solution. However, the choice of the right height of bar stools is substantial to make sitting on them comfortable and enjoyable.

We have already discussed the choice of the right height of bar stools here:
Our product range includes various bar stool models made of bent glued plywood and combining durability and ergonomics:
Is an Upholstered Seat Pad the Good Choice for Kitchen Chairs?

This question, we guess, may be asked quite often by those who think about new kitchen chairs. As a manufacturer, we offer our customers to fit out chosen chairs with an upholstered seat pad an additional option. Leather, faux leather, and textile upholstery is available.
Do you need upholstered chairs for your kitchen?
The reply will come if you analyze who and how often will use the chairs.
Upholstered seat pads make us think about cleaning which can become complicated if you have children or pets. However, you have nothing to be worried about when choosing leather or faux leather which can be cleaned quite easily. If textile upholstery is stained and usual cleaning products don’t help, you can remove the seat pad for dry-cleaning or replacement.
If comfort is amongst your priorities and chairs will be used often and for a lengthy sitting, upholstery will provide more convenience you will certainly appreciate.
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