Wooden tables

Dizainakresli.lv wooden tables are the ideal selection for any room as the versatile design and customizable finishing means that the tables will fit any interior and any need. 

A table is a practical element that is required in any room. We, in collaboration with talented designers, produce wooden tables for all tastes and meeting the highest quality standards. The production technology where the surface of the table and other elements are manufactured from plywood allows to create harmonious shapes and combinations of elements which provides convenience, practicality, durability and beauty. The surface of the table is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.


Our wooden tables can be customized by selecting surface veneer and finish. This means you can vary the natural pattern of the veneer, as well as colors and shades giving very different accents to the same table model. 

The wooden tables are available with wooden and metal legs. Round, oval, square and rectangular models that simultaneously exude simplicity, elegance and modern Scandinavian design.

Wooden tables will fit equally well in a modern office space and a home living room or kitchen. Customers are not limited in their selection and possibilities - simply follow your taste and assess the needs and options dictated by the environment where the table will be placed. 

Wood and metal are universal materials that are perfectly matched for any interior and its existing accents.

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