Frame chairs at the gastropub Ūsiņš of the ice hockey hall Kurbads (Latvia)

It is not a coincidence that the Kurbads team has chosen Frame chairs for the gastropub Ūsiņš located at their ice hockey hall – the same chairs have been serving faithfully at the meeting room, the recreation area, and the kitchen of the Kurbads road transport and logistics office. No matter what, the Kurbads team always need a flawless result, and our Frame chairs do provide it!
“Since the very beginning we strive for perfection and we can be proud of the work done – our ice hockey hall boasts modern lighting and outstanding ice quality acknowledged by the best Latvian hockey players. The hockey hall is designed in a particularly cosy style, with a fireplace at the second floor and a stylish gastropub Ūsiņš offering delicious food. The hall is home for the Latvian champions - ice hockey club “Kurbads”, children’s and youth’s sports school “Kurbads”, as well as various skating clubs and amateur ice hockey teams” – tells Kurbads.
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