• Flow chair rental

    The Flow chair is truly great thanks to its flawless design. The sophisticated design lovers will appreciate the construction of Flow where no screws or metal joints were used. The chairs are slim, elegant and extremely light both in terms of looks and in terms of weight. The minimalist Flow chair does not contain unnecessary details. The excellent backrest angle and height fit every back and it is the main gratification of the Flow design that will be felt by anyone who tries the chair.
    The clean look of the chair, timeless design and excellent sitting comfort make it suitable for the widest spectrum of public and private interiors as restaurants, museums, libraries, churches, halls, waiting areas, meeting areas and conference rooms. This wooden chair with a stable frame is made of bent plywood with variable thickness in the curves. Due to the stackability of these wooden chairs (up to 10 pcs.), they are easier to keep and move.
    Tested according to DIN EN 1728, DIN EN 13 761, strength and durability tests required for public furniture.
    Design: Jakob Berg (Denmark)

    The famous designer Jakob Berg (1958-2008) was born in Denmark. He used uncountable inspiration sources for his furniture design. Design is always a part of life for Jacob Berg. It was important to Jacob Berg creating furniture with pretty shapes and a minimum of material, being functional and optimal simultaneously.
    Jakob Berg put much love into Flow chair design and there is a beautiful heritage left.
    “My thoughts are always filled with forms and ideas. The happiest moment is when all the pieces suit each other as in a puzzle, so that the image of a design emerges

    Produced: Latvija
    Curved glued plywood is produced by gluing together several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press molds and passing it through gluing cylinders. In the design of the Flow chair a different direction of fibers is used - both perpendicular and longitudinal.
    Stackable up to 10 pcs.

    3D files available here- info.dizainakresli.lv
    Price per day and 1pcs.Contact the seller regarding quantities and dates available