• Dune shelf

    DUNE was inspired by various natural shapes – sand-dunes, flowing water, fractality. The shelf is based on the principle of the Flower of Life and the Golden ratio that appeals to the human eye through its ideal proportion. The winding curves of the shelf seem spontaneous at first glance but actually the wave is based on an algorithm that reoccurs after every fifth span. Design: Jaanus Orgusaar

    Curved glued plywood 12mm is produced by gluing together several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press molds and passing it through gluing cylinders. In the design of the Dune shelf a different direction of fibers is used - both perpendicular and longitudinal.
    The internal layers are birch plywood but the surface veneer can be birch, oak, walnut, wenge or zebrano with different finishes:

    Dimensions (mm)  2464x1646x410    2055x2055x410   2464x2464x410 
    White laminate   1365 EUR  1485 EUR  1605 EUR

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