• Twiggy chairs rental

    An innovative connection between backrest and frame makes the Twiggy chair specially elegant but at the same time cosy looks. There are no screws and metal joints used in the flowing lines of the chair. The armrests of the classic Twiggy chair merge with the bent frame and the ergonomic wavy curves of the backrest make the chair look mild.
    In comparison with other chairs of similar design, Twiggy is noticeably light and subtile. Due to the stackability of these wooden chairs, they are easier to keep and move. The chair can be used in public interiors as offices, cafés, restaurants and in home interiors in kitchens, guest rooms etc. This chair has withstood the test of time and market.
    Design: Sven Ivar Dysthe (Norway)

    Produced: Latvia
    Curved glued plywood is produced by gluing together several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press molds and passing it through gluing cylinders. In the design of the Twiggy chair a different direction of fibers is used - both perpendicular and longitudinal.
    Available up to 30pcs.
    Stackable up to 8 pcs.

    3D files available here-info.dizainakresli.lv
    Price per day and 1pcs.Contact the seller regarding quantities and dates available