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  • Ocean V cabinet

    The Ocean cabinet is an interior element that never remains unnoticed. The bent wavy lines of the cabinet makes it an interesting design element which makes the interior lively and playful. At the same time, Ocean is also practical and spacious since it has eight shelves, where A4 folders and other documents freely fit in, and upper surface large enough for placing other things.
    The Ocean cabinet can be used as a TV shelf or bookshelf in a living room in home interiors or in offices as folder shelf or document shelf. The cabinet has metal legs and small metal handles thus its design combines both metal and wood which makes it suitable for interiors where these two materials are mixed.
    This wooden cabinet is available horizontal or vertical as well as a shortened version of the Ocean cabinet is available (with 4 shelves only).
    Design: Danform (Denmark)

    Produced: Latvia
    The Ocean sideboard combines curved glued plywood in the curved sideboard doors and laminated particle board in the body. Curved glued plywood is produced by gluing several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press forms, before that the plies are glue-rolled and placed on each other so that the fibers would be either perpendicular or longitudinal. 
    Its metal legs are made of steel pipe coated with chromium or powder paints. 
    The internal layers are birch plywood but the surface veneer can be birch, oak, walnut, wenge or zebrano with different finishes:

    3D files available here- info.dizainakresli.lv