Wood Basket

A log holder that is both handy and durable and suits any room with a stove or a fireplace. Although it has a practical function at its core, allowing for compact storage of firewood, today the aesthetic requirements for the environment are more demanding and we want the firewood not just simply stacked but also to be a natural part of the overall interior or even add to the mood of the space. A designer log holder is the perfect option. Both empty and full, it will be a sophisticated addition to the living space.

Dizainakresli.lv works with wood - a material that is durable, pleasant to touch and easy to work with in order to achieve what the designers have intended. Curved glued plywood allows the production of fluid and seamless shapes that become unique interior objects. The curved shape means that they are easy to care and, as the plywood is so light, the log holder is not only lightweight but also doesn’t create a bulky visual effect in the room.
A well thought-out design element is one that has more than a single function. This is also one of our guidelines when working on design and finishing solutions. To prevent cramming to many items in a room and to maintain its minimalist mood, each object must be carefully selected and truly useful, one that can quickly adapt to every need. An empty log holder can instantly become an elegant magazine holder or a spacious shelf that will serve a completely different function. This is due to its universal shape and high-quality material.
The Kanto model stands apart with its absolute simplicity, lightness and universal shape that adapts to the environment and the interior. It is manufactured from curved glued birch plywood with a light pattern of wood. It can be highlighted or hidden by selecting the most suitable finish - tint, varnish or stain in variety of shades.
We are inspired by Scandinavian interior design, therefore, our furniture and interior elements fit so well into modern, light and minimalist spaces. They are characterized by durability, naturalness and functionality with fluid, simple shapes with an ergonomic design.
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