Magazine Holder

A spacious and handy magazine holder allows for more efficient organization and keeping of magazines in any room, be it bedroom, guest room, office or a waiting area. A magazine holder which is not just a practical object but also a design element will be a great addition to any space. All magazine holders offer just that and are available to customers in different designs and finishes.

Currently we offer five models — Wing, Wing 2, Wing New. They are all manufactured from curved glued plywood. The design is flowing and without any sharp corners. The holders are easy to move and also stable. For easier handling, they have cut handles.
Although digital books and internet magazines have gained significant prevalence, printed press has lost none of its popularity or charm. There are still many readers who purchase or subscribe to printed magazines and newspapers, so there can be plenty of such reading material in the home and office that requires a place for storage. A magazine holder is perfectly suited for such purpose, as it can be placed in the desired location and its design is created specifically with this application in mind.
The well though-out design of the holders ensures that this design object can serve not only for its primary purpose - storage of reading material. The holders are suitable for other purposes as well thanks to their universal shape and some models can even be placed in different positions. The model Kanto is offered as a handy log holder, which will look great by the fireplace and will fit in any interior. While the magazine holder Mag can also be used as a surface for placing a coffee cup, laptop, vase or a simple decorative object. It can also serve as a comfortable extra seat, if necessary.
We manufacture furniture with added value. It is not just the natural wood material but also the universal and functional design that adapts to the needs and lifestyle of each user. Both at home and in public spaces, our interior objects and furniture will be the perfect fit. They are inspired by the Scandinavian design and exude coziness, functionality, as well as ease and elegance. All of this is summed up in an ergonomic and high-quality shape.
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