Laptop Pad

A comfortable and functional computer tray is an indispensable element of interior design for a modern person, because the laptop is one of the main tools for work and entertainment. That's why offers their customers a thought-out model of the computer tray that fits perfectly into our scandinavian furniture ensemble. It will match in any home interior and also in the office interior.

Quality, durability and sustainability are our main values, so we work with the very best materials and production methods, and we work with designers who are able to combine sophistication, simplicity and elegance with the everyday objects design, also revealing the beauty of the material itself. Wood is very suitable in this case, because it is visually pleasing and nice to the feel. The customer can also choose the veneer of the top of the computer tray and material of the furnishing - birch, oak, nut-wood or laminate.
  • The computer tray is designed in a single-faceted form with rounded corners and harmonious flow of lines. It incorporates all the ergonomic and comfort requirements to make the computer tray is suitable to any environment and situation.
  • Its versatile nature allows to combine in a very simple interior a surface for a computer, a place intended for documents or writing papers, as well as a functional area with a non-slip surface suitable both for a cup of coffee and for writing tools. It is also very handy to keep all writing tools in one place to be sure that they will not disappear.  
  • And at the same time, instantaneously, the computer tray can also turn into a tray for a delicious meal that you want to enjoy in the bed in the holiday morning.   
  • The computer tray is designed to be stable, handy and easy to maintain, which are also the most important factors in choosing interior elements that are designed not only for the decoration, but also for real and intensive use.

The computer tray made by is not only a practical but also an elegant interior element, as we know that our customers also want to enjoy aesthetic pleasure in the environment where they live and work. Therefore, every model of furniture and interior design we manufacture is designed to meet all the requirements of a contemporary, active, comfort, and beauty loving person in relation to the interior.
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