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  • Bat chair

    The majestic Bat chair has wide forms and looks subtile and noble. This wooden chair has a high, straight backrest which is suitable for both short and tall people. It is also flexible for a more comfortable back resting. Those who prefer holding their back straight while sitting will like the curve of the backrest of the chair. 
    Produced: Latvia
    Curved glued plywood is produced by gluing together several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press molds and passing it through gluing cylinders. In the design of the Bat chair a different direction of fibers is used - both perpendicular and longitudinal.
    The seat upholstery can be cotton, wool, polyester, artificial or natural leather or other fabrics.
    Its metal legs are made of steel pipe coated with chromium or powder paints. 
    The internal layers are birch plywood but the surface veneer can be birch, oak, walnut, wenge or zebrano with different finishes:
    Upholstered seat pad
    Chromed or painted frame
    Plastic or felt glides
    The price depends on type of material and additional elements of choice
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