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  • Wave

    Wave is simple and elegant interior accessory with a light design. It is useful in various situations. Wave can serve as a bench in a hallway or a waiting room since up to 4 children and 2-3 adults can be seated on it. It can become a coffee table or a widescreen TV table in a living room.
    The one-piece shape of Wave makes it resistant and easy to clean despite the thinness of plywood. The rounded corners are user-friendly and the original design with slightly raised sides will be helpful when you place on Wave little things that can roll off the surface.

    Produced: Latvia
    Curved glued plywood is produced by gluing together several layers of plywood in electrical or high-frequency press molds and passing it through gluing cylinders. In the design of the Wave a different direction of fibers is used - both perpendicular and longitudinal.
    The internal layers are birch plywood but the surface veneer can be birch, oak, walnut, wenge or zebrano with different finishes:
    3D files available here- info.dizainakresli.lv

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